The Slizzies "Slizzies Going Steady"

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01. Chlorophyll
02. The Slizzies Will Rock Your Ass
03. The Night Was Ours
04. Johnny Poker's Final Heartbreak
05. Back For More
06. Total Filler
07. Who Will You Be?
08. Big Trucks
09. Things She Wishes...

10. The New New (B-Side)
11. Things She Wishes (Accoustic)

Live From The Garage
12. Happy Days In The Valley (Live)
13. Chlorophyll (Live)
14. The Slizzies Will Rock Your Ass (Live)
15. The Night Was Ours (Live)
16. Back For More (Live)
17. Johnny Poker's Final Heartbreak (Live)
18. Total Filler (Live)
19. Who Will You Be? (Live)
20. Things She Wishes... (Live)
21. Big Trucks (Live)

Original Demo
22. Chlorophyll (Demo)
23. The Slizzies Will Rock Your Ass (Demo)
24. The Night Was Ours (Demo)
25. Johnny Poker's Final Heartbreak (Demo)
26. Back For More (Demo)
27. Total Filler (Demo)
28. Who Will You Be? (Demo)
29. Big Trucks (Demo)
30. Things She Wishes... (Demo)

Notes on the album:
The songs on this album were recorded with vocal microphones, and a lot of the time recorded as a single mono mixed track of each instrument, leaving little room for modifications. We didn't take any notes while we were doing this, and, more often than not, we had to repeat instrument takes days later since something got screwed up during the recording, which we didn't notice it until it came time to mix a song. We really didn't know what we were doing. In the case where modifications were possible (the first nine tracks), compression and equalizing was added since it was never done on the original demo. Thanks a bunch to Stephen Egerton for teaching me how to do that. It’s a little scary to think that this is the best it can sound, but it is what it is. The name is a take on the Buzzcocks’ “Singles Going Steady” of course, and the cover is a rip off of the first Replacements album “Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take out the Trash.” I find the cover to be fitting, because there’s a certain rawness to the songs (in recording and writing) that reminds me of the first Replacements album, even though our musical writing is nowhere near in comparison to Paul Westerberg’s. The recording took a few months and the modifications almost a whole year, since I only occasional put the time to work on them, and it was my first time doing it.