Album Insert
Original EP Cover Artwork

The Flipsides "The Best of Times"

01. Best of Times
02. Tough Love
03. I Like You
04. Punk Underwood
05. Lie
06. Fault and Misfortune

Notes on the album:

The first five tracks from this release were originally on the Flipsides self-titled EP, recorded in 2000. In a way, the EP reads like an abridged version of my adolescence, as I wrote all of the songs as a teenager (and before the Flipsides began). There?s a kind of innocence to these tunes that I think was hard to recapture on our later recordings.

Tracking the Flipsides EP was a great experience. Mark Bradin and Jim Lindsay played bass and drums, respectively, and their talents really shine through on the tracks. Our friend Matt engineered and mixed the EP, and graciously welcomed the band?s input and production ideas. We recorded entirely analog?no pro-tools, no auto-tune or a grid to stick the drums on. Everything you hear is what really happened in that room.

One of my favorite things about this release is that we can finally show Mark DeSalvo?s very awesome artwork for the Flipsides record, Clever One. His idea of a broken-down school bus really fit the vibe and message of the songs?so I?m stoked we can finally bring it all together.

The last tune here is a bonus track, originally recorded for the Adeline Records comp, ?Every Dog Will Have Its Day,? featuring our friend Dan on drums.

Thanks for listening, and thank you, Ollie, for still supporting us all these years later!