Let's just cut to chase, shall we? We are proud to make our return with The Ottoman's first ever full length release. Quite a few years in the making, we thought it's the perfect release to mark our comeback. Plenty of cool releases are still planned and we will do our damndest to get them to you. In the meantime, keep those demos coming!

-Red Sound Records


A long time in the making, but we are very proud to announce that the Toys That Kill Live at the Triple Rock album is now available by clicking the album cover on the left. At Red Sound we've been Toys That Kill fans for as far back as we can remember. To be able to do a project with them is very much like a dream come true. Add to that some fantastic artwork by Lauren Denitzio (the Measure [sa]), and we've got ourselves a saucy little release right here. If (when?) you enjoy the album, be sure to pick up Toys That Kill's labum Fambly 42 which was released this year on Recess Records. It's sure to be one of our favorite releases of the year. Be safe with those fireworks, kids. Keep those demos coming!

-Red Sound Records

2012 UPATE

Here we are! Another year and another update! We switched servers this month (Please bare with us as we work out the kinks. We are biology majors, not computer science majors) not just to try something new, but also to signify that Red Sound is not dead. We just hybernated. We are working on some new releases, like a Toys That Kill live album, and a few surprises we'll be announcing once things are more set in stone. Thanks for sticking around!

-Red Sound Records

2011 UPATE

Sorry for the lack of updates. Red Sound has scaled back operations a little recently as our attention has been directed to more urgent matters. Rest assured we are still committed to bringing you great downloads and the live albums that we have planned by Toys That Kill and Brook Pridemore should see the light of day soon. We are still looking for demos so keep sending them in!

-Red Sound Records


We are ecstatic bring you the Soviettes Rarities album available for download by clicking the album cover right there on the left! If you enjoy it, make sure to grab some of the Soviettes' back catalog, or order a copy of the Rarities vinyl available for a limited time from Rottentone. Feel free to share the download with friends and be sure to check the Soviettes at the Eclipse on Thursday and the Turf Club on Friday in Minneapolis!

-Red Sound Records


Here we go, kicking and screaming into the new decade! Follow us now on Twitter for up-to-date announcements and a couple of surprises. Keep those demos coming!

-Red Sound Records


In celebration of LP IV, Minneapolis' own The Soviettes have scheduled a reunion show on March 19th. On the bill also are Gateway District, That's Incredible, and Awesome Snakes. The show at The Turf Club in St. Paul will celebrate the release of their B-Sides and rarities album tentatively titled...wait for it...LP IV - which we are honored to formally release on March 16th. Tickets are currently available at and will sell out fast fast fast! Keep those demos coming!

-Red Sound Records


Rivaling the Beatles remasters themselves, we here at Red Sound are proud to bring you the Flipsides release "The Best of Times" this week. We've been fans of this highly underrated bay area band for quite some time now, and we think we were able to put something really special together with the help of Sabrina. Quite a shame that they broke up... As always, the album is available by clicking the artwork on the left. Up next is the Soviettes' LP IV! Keep those demos coming!

-Red Sound Records


Well, it's taken us a while to get the wheels turning again, but we're back on track. We even have a new name! We're very proud to bring to you our new release: OnGuard's "This Has It's Price and That Price Has Been Paid" by Jason Shevchuk (Kid Dynamite/None More Black/LaGrecia) available by clicking the artwork on the left. We're definitely proud of this one, so we hope you enjoy it, and keep those demos coming!

-Red Sound Records

Welcome to Red Star Records

Welcome to Red Star Records, where we aim to provide free albums from up-and-coming artists. If you are interested in releasing material through Red Star Records, please contact us at . We are interested in all genres, ranging from Hardcore Punk Rock, to Folk, to Dub Reggae. For our debut, we have released The Slizzies' "Slizzies Going Steady", which is available by clicking the album artwork on the left. Stay tuned for upcoming releases by Jon Snodgrass (of Drag The River fame) and Ted Leo (of the Pharmacists' fame).

-Red Star Records