The Manifesto of Red Sound Records

The primary goal of Red Sound records is to provide free music for everyone.

It seems as if we're living in different times musically. We've often heard of the current deterioration of record companies, CD sales declining, and the music in the mainstream getting progressively worse. So, what is to be done? The answer seems to be clear; a music revolution. Keep the music for the people by the people. One way to accomplish this is to remove as many barriers as possible between the people and the music, and to keep everything in the most basic and simple form.

Home recordings and demos are often thought of as inferior to official releases and are shelved almost immediately after a band cuts a session in a studio. But, what we know from experience is that demos often contain a quality that makes them just as relevant as anything produced in an expensive studio session. After all, it is made with the sole intent and purpose of sparking interest in an artist, and there's usually nothing between the audience and the artist except for some microphones. The true quality of the song must shine through. Also, the raw power of the demos can often provide a realness to them that can relate to the listener. If the songs are strong and well written, why get caught up in fancy studio production? If the purpose of the music is to be heard by as many people as possible, why charge for it?

At Red Sound Records we are trying to do just that. We will provide free music of all kinds, to people of all kinds, free of charge. Always.