"Slizzies Going Steady"

Years Active:

If there's one word to describe The Slizzies it would be 'misinformed.' This misinformation came about one night over a free hot pizza in a parking lot in the suburbs of San diego. Four guys, only one of which had actually played an instrument in his life, committed themselves to starting a band with the sole purpose of being another replica. The band roles were distributed and the entire idea immediately disposed of. Later, when a bass guitar was purchased, out of sheer delusion, it was only out of thoroughness that a drum set and vocal equipment were added to the mess. Rehearsal time was administered, and two years and two guitarists later, a spark was released in the form of an original song, not by the remaining original members, mind you. In the Fall of 2005, another original member departed and as a keepsake, a performance was scheduled. Songs were written - badly - for this event and were recorded, also in a poor manner. What remained of this disorder was a record of the events in an allotted time of seventeen minutes. It is oblivious to this outfit of the instrument skills required to play adequate music, the directions to good song-writing, the necessity of rehearsal, the importance of a good document, and the motivation that is essential for cementing said elements. They are 'The Slizzies.' They don't know what they're doing.

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