Music by The Soviettes. Artwork by Annie Sparrows

Years Active:
2001 - 2006

The Soviettes never did anything half-assed. When they wrote songs, they poured everything they had into it. There was no filler, no stale ideas, just three ladies and a fellow all with wellsprings of creative input.

All four of them had different approaches to songwriting, and they blended together perfectly, complimenting one another and culminating in near-perfect little rock n roll gems. When they performed, there would be times when all four of them were singing harmonies and pounding the shit out of their instruments, and the room would feel elevated, like a chorus of angels ascending into rock heaven. They loved what they did, and they worked hard at it.

Riding in the van, there was never downtime; Danny would be driving while Annie was on the phone with the promoter in the next town, as Sturgeon would be jotting down lyrics and banging out ideas on her little acoustic guitar, and Susy would be sorting t-shirts and stuffing records. Even when their work was done, they never rested, constantly planning huge meals, stocking up on party supplies, and spending days off from tour camping, swimming, or exploring new cities. They worked hard, played hard, and created an incredibly efficient, fluid entity. Their personalities fit and complimented one another perfectly, just like their playing, and the result was an unstoppable juggernaut of punk rock and roll.

Well, unstoppable for at least three albums, anyway.

-Ben Snakepit

Ben Snakepit is bassplayer extraordinaire for Ghost Knife and writes (and draws) an annual biographical comic zine titled Snakepit.